Yappy Dog Howliday Stocking – Small/Medium Dog (5-40 lbs.)




Limited Edition Yappy Howliday Stocking – Includes the following 

  • 4″ Split Hard Elk Antler Chew (5-40 lbs.)
    • From ranch-raised elk—tested annually and free of Chronic Wasting Disease and Tuberculosis.
    • Due to the freshness of our antlers, they rarely splinter, which makes them safe for your pet to chew.
    • Elk Antler Chews typically last much longer than rawhide.
    • The marrow acts like a natural toothbrush
  • Small/Medium Dog Mobility with Elk Velvet Antler Trial Pack – FORMULATED FOR:
    • Dogs in the first stage of life
    • Highly active pets such as hunting dogs, agility dogs, sled dogs, etc.
    • Pets affected by cold, damp weather
    • Pets that resist climbing stairs
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Wapiti Labs Poop Bag Dispenser and Poop Bags 


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You are buying the best for your pet when you purchase a Wapiti Labs Antler Chew. The elk are raised in a completely pollution-free natural environment.

  • Wapiti Labs Antlers are water rinsed ONLY, with no chemical treatments on our antlers.
  • A renewable source—antlers are naturally shed and re-grown by male elk each year.
  • This is an all-natural product and variation will occur in color and size.


Please use with proper supervision with your pet

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