Elk Velvet Antler ReVitalize Supplement for Senior Cats

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ReVitalize Pet Supplements for Cats

With ELK VELVET ANTLER (EVA) and Additional Ginseng

Supports normal kidney function and joint flexibility for cats in the second stage of life.

As pets age, they need additional support for their kidneys, joints and immune system. Using the same natural blend of Elk Velvet Antler (EVA) and traditional herbs found in Wapiti Labs Vital formula, ReVitalize has been reformulated specially for the senior cat.  It also contains a higher level of ginseng for additional support.

  • Supports normal renal function and health
  • Supports and maintains long-term health
  • Supports normal function and health of the liver
  • Helps maintain joint flexibility and mobility
  • Helps support normal stamina and endurance
  • Supports a healthy immune system and normal blood cell health
  • Supports eye function
  • Contains additional ginseng, an adaptogen, which is a complex natural substance that adapts to a body’s needs
  • Helps support normal thyroid function

Formulated for:

  • Cats that are unhappy due to health issues
  • Cats in the second stage of life
  • Cats that have slowed down in their “Golden Years”
  • Cats that are affected by cold, damp weather
  • Cats that quit using their litter box

Our concentrated formula is available in a powder. There are no synthetic ingredients, and we use a proprietary process that allows us to retain key organic compounds and nutrients.

Made in the U.S.A.

3 reviews for Elk Velvet Antler ReVitalize Supplement for Senior Cats

  1. Anne

    Works for my Scottish Fold
    Posted by Anne on 01/15/2015
    This was recommended for our Scottish Fold cat when she began to display the typical signs of aging and achy movement. We began giving her a dose on her food, and we quickly saw positive results. No more limping or problems with mobility. I have been showing it off to everyone, including the vet and other pet store owners.

    All reviews posted prior to November 11th, 2015 are from our previous website.

  2. Rikka Larson (verified owner)

    This works the best for elderly cats and for cats who are just beginning to show normal signs of aging. It works so much better than anything the vet can provide. I save money because the amount I give to my cat makes the bottle last a very long time. Remember to leave in that little packet to keep the product as a powder.

  3. Crystal

    Our 14 year old cat has been strictly outside for the last 6 years. It was slowing down and lost all strength to jump or even meow. After 3 days on 1&1/2 TINY scoops of Revitalize on it’s wet food, he is meowing, running and jumping up trying to steal food off the griddle while I’m cooking outside. I think we’ve added a few years to his life- my children are grateful!

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MN Elk Velvet Antler Extract, Ginseng Root, Lycium Fruit, Cynomorii Rhizome, Morinda Root, Achyranthes Root, Asparagus Root, Astragalus Root, Barley Sprout (Untreated), Chrysanthemum Flowers, Citrus Peel, Curcuma Rhizome, Red Dates, Ophiopogon Root, Salvia Root, Schisandra Fruit

Dosing (75mg scoop):

Up to 5 lbs. (1/2 scoop)     6 – 10 lbs. (1 scoop)     11 – 15 lbs. (1-1/2 scoops)

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