Chest Herbal Supplement Formula for Dogs by Wapiti Labs

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Naturally Supports Respiratory Function for Dogs

This concentrated liquid supplement is formulated with natural herbal ingredients to help support normal respiratory function and health.

  • Helps support normal respiratory function and health
  • Warms the lungs
  • Calms the shen (spirit) and harmonizes the stomach
  • Expands the chest for easy breathing
  • Promotes urination and resolves dampness
  • Supports normal integrity and function of the lungs


  • Not to be used on a dry cough

Available as a concentrated liquid formula. No synthetic ingredients are used in this supplement. We use a proprietary processing method. Made in the U.S.A.

3 reviews for Chest Herbal Supplement Formula for Dogs by Wapiti Labs

  1. Brenda Nelson

    Love this product. My dog no longer has that horrible sounding cough
    Posted by Julie on 01/20/2012
    My dog has suffered from a cough for years. After trying this product he sounds so much better and I feel better giving him something natural.

  2. Brenda Nelson

    Awesome stuff and it really helps your canine!!! By Maverick 02/15/13
    This potion really helps dogs with bad coughs and who have KC. I highly recommend this product especially in the case where you don’t want to use anything too harsh.

  3. Terri Schwerzler

    My doxie began coughing and sneezing and it went on for a week, then I took her to the vet. He could find nothing wrong with her but it got worse so he did x rays, no fluid in her lungs. In the middle of the night she began to cough horribly and we could hear mucus bubbling in her chest so we went to emergency. That cost $500.00 and she was tested for samples for a Respiratory PCR panel, It was costing a small fortune so I looked online to see what would help a dogs lungs full of mucus and I found “Chest” for dogs. I purchased two bottles and began giving her a eye dropper full three times a day. Within four days she stopped coughing and the sound of bubbling mucus stopped, on the 7th day I knew she was on the road to recovery. This stuff works when nothing else does. But use it 3 times a day, and don’t stop.

    • Bridget Titterud

      Thank you for sharing, we are glad to hear that your doxie is doing better!

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Active Ingredients per one dropper (1 ml) A Proprietary Blend of: Citrus Peel, Pinellia Rhizome, Poria Sclerotium Fungus, Trichosanthes Fruit, Chinese Fritillaria Bulb, Honey Baked Licorice Root, Fresh Ginger Rhizome, Mume Fruit, Grain Alcohol, Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerine

Inactive Ingredients: Grain Alcohol, Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerine

Dosing (1ml dropper):

Up to 10 lbs. (1 dropper)     11 – 25 lbs. (2 droppers)     26 – 50 lbs. (3 droppers)

51 – 75 lbs. (4 droppers)     Over 76 lbs. (5 droppers)

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