An active, healthy dog is a happy dog. You want your dog to always walk, run and play without suffering from pain or impairment. Unfortunately, many dogs are at risk for joint problems, hip problems and other mobility issues. Here’s a complete look at mobility issues dogs can face and why a supplement such as Wapiti Labs’ Elk Velvet Antler mobility supplement can help your dog remain active even into advanced age.

Learn the Signs of Potential Mobility Problems

Watch for any indications of joint pain in your furry friend. Major mobility issues typically start with minor subtle signs, which can be easy to miss. Keep an eye out for:

· Slow, stiff movements when walking
· Difficulty getting up and down when resting or standing
· Reluctance to climb stairs
· Limping, even slight
· Holding a leg off the ground

Remember, dogs often have a natural inclination to hide pain and discomfort, so you’ll want to stay vigilant. Lifestyle, genetics and age each play a role in a dog’s likelihood of developing mobility problems. Mobility supplements will help heal current problems while also preventing future ones from developing.

What Dogs Are at Risk for Mobility Issues?

All dogs can benefit from mobility supplements but some types of dogs are more at risk than others. Generally speaking, older dogs and overweight dogs have a greater likelihood of developing problems. Over time, dogs with joint pain tend to not be very active. Any resulting weight gain can cause even more joint pain.

Certain breeds of dogs also have a higher risk of developing mobility issues than others. Newfoundlands, for example, tend to develop ligament diseases. Rottweilers see an increased risk of knee and ankle issues. Bernese Mountain dogs can wind up with elbow dysplasia. It’s a good idea to do some research of your dog’s breed to discover what types, if any, of mobility issues could lie ahead for them.

Large dogs with active lives also have an increased risk. An “active dog” includes hunting dogs, working dogs, sled dogs and more. Geography is a factor, too. Pets that live in areas with lots of cold or damp weather often see an increase in joint stiffness (just like their human counterparts!).

How to Keep Your Dog Free from Mobility Pain

Mobility supplements are often an easy, economical way to help prevent movement issues and pain from developing in the first place. Supplements are both reactive and preventative. Healthy young dogs that are given mobility supplements early in life have a greater chance of staying active and mobile as they age.

Simply give your dog one supplement once each day. The EVA supplement comes in both tablet and powder form for those picky pooches that just won’t eat a pill no matter how far your bury it in their food.

Many dogs will eat the tablet just like a treat. Tablets are 250mg. Dosage is based on the weight of the dog:

· .5 tablet – 25 pounds and under
· 1 tablet – 26 to 50 pounds
· 1.5 tablets – 51 to 75 pounds
· 2 tablets – 76 to 100 pounds
· 2.5 tablets – 100+ pounds

Instead of the tablet, some dogs and owners prefer the powder, which can be sprinkled directly into your dog’s regular food. There’s no particularly strong smell or taste, and usually even the most finicky dogs will chow down as normal.
Powder dosing is also based on the number of scoops per weight of the dog. Each scoop is 125mg.
· .5 tablet – 5 to 15 pounds
· 1 scoop – 16 to 25 pounds
· 2 scoops – 26 to 50 pounds
· 3 scoops – 76 to 100 pounds
· 4 scoops – 76 to 100 pounds
· 5 scoops – 100+ pounds

Trial packs are also available. Unlike many other supplements, EVA is absorbed into a dog’s system quickly, so you can see results in just a week or so. There are two trial packs for you to pick from: seven tablets for small/medium dogs and 12 tablets for large dogs.

What’s in the Supplement?

The Wapiti Mobility supplement contains Elk Velvet Antler along with traditional eastern herbs. The supplement comes directly from the Wapiti Elk Ranch in Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota. Wapiti Labs uses a proprietary process to ensure the elk velvet antler retains all key organic compounds and elements. This makes the supplement pure, safe and effective.

Regular use helps achieve, and then maintain, healthy functioning of the hips, joints, liver, and kidneys. Glucosamine and synovial fluid help joints stay lubricated and pain-free. Connective tissue health, blood cell health and overall immune system functions are all improved.

Help your dog stay active, mobile and pain-free during all stages of their life. A healthy diet, regular exercise and daily use of the EVA mobility supplement are recommended for every dog.