Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about Wapiti Labs natural pet supplements. If you don’t find the answer to your question below please give us a call at 888-214-1242.

Are your supplements made in the USA?
  • Yes our supplements are made in the USA.  We are a family owned Minnesota based company. We even have our own Elk Ranch in Sturgeon Lake MN.
How soon will I see a difference in my pets mobility?
  • On average you can notice a difference with your pets in 7-10 days.
Can people take it too?
  • Wapiti Labs makes people supplements too. These are specifically formulated for people.
Can I give my cat and dog the same product?
  • You can. It is all about the serving size. The spoon is much smaller for the cat serving. It is about half of the dog serving size.
Which is better, the pills or powder?
  • They are the same thing in two different forms. It really depends on what will work best for your dog. The pills can be easier to give your pet because you can feed them like a treat.

Can you use the powder and tinctures together?

  • Yes! They work great together, especially the mobility and strength. It’s a great combo for working dogs, agility dogs, and hunting dogs.
What does a dropper mean for serving size on the tinctures? .
  • A dropper is the amount that goes into the dropper when squeezed. It doesn’t mean the entire amount that the whole dropper holds. It fills about halfway.
Why is it so expensive for such a little bottle?
  • The cost per serving is much less than most other supplements on the market. Our serving size is tiny. That means much less calories and it makes it easier to give finicky pets.
I thought all parts of chrysanthemum plants are potentially toxic to dogs and cats, so how can you use this in your products?
  • We use only the flower petals NOT the stem, leaves or the center from WILD flowers. Also we use a minute amount for  natural antibiotic and antiviral functions. Also it clears heat, which Elk Velvet Antler is a hot protein so it balances that and helps eliminates toxins.
Can I give the supplements to my pet if they are on a prescription food?
  • Absolutely! It helps support the liver and kidney that can be negatively affected by prescription foods.
What stores can I purchase your products in?
  • We have a store locator listed on our website. It is very easy to use and will point you in the right direction.
I have a problem with your product clumping in the bottle. How the heck am I supposed to get it out of there?
  • This can sometimes happen with our natural products because we do not add any preservatives. We find that it most frequently occurs in the summertime with high humidity. We recommend leaving the silica packet in the product to absorb any excess moisture. Some others choose to purchase the 15g bottles or the tablets because they go through it faster and they don’t have the clumping issue.

What are your terms?

  • All payments are by credit card only and on file, unless otherwise determined by Management. First order is always to be paid by credit card. Payment terms are given only by prior approval after credit application has been filled out and the credit report has been reviewed. Should payment terms not be met within 30 days, no further shipments will be sent until balance is paid in full.

What methods of payment do you accept?

  • All major credit cards are accepted.
What is your preferred method for receiving orders?
  • We prefer you send orders to your via e-mail at or to your Account Representative using the Wapiti order form;  We also take many orders over the phone. Our toll-free number is 888-214-1242.
What is the average lead time for an order to be processed and shipped?
  • All orders are shipped within 48 hours of order unless otherwise stated.
Do you offer monthly promotions (distributors/wholesalers)?
  • Yes, please contact your Account Representative with questions or our main office at 651.237.4051.
How would I get on an e-mail list for promotions?
  • Please give us your e-mail address when you place your first order and we will add you to our promotions list.
Do you work with any other distributors in our area?
  • We work with various distributors across the US.
What are your procedures for handling Customer Satisfaction/Returns?
  • Wapiti Labs Inc. stands behind all products sold and will happily refund the purchase price of a product or ship a new product at no cost to the end-user, if there is a quality issue. Wapiti prefers to handle all end-user customer issues and customers can contact us during business hours at 888-214-1242. All employees at Wapiti Labs Inc. have been trained in the “Returned Good Authorization Process” and will initiate a refund or new product shipment as needed.
What are your procedures for handling damages?
  • Shipments must be checked and damages determined within 2 business days of delivery. No product returns will be accepted without first contacting Wapiti Labs Management.

What are your procedures for handling shortages/overages with receiving?

  • Shipments must be checked and errors reported within 2 business days of delivery. Errors will be checked against Wapiti inventory.

How small can the antler get before I take it away from my dog?

  • It really depends on the size of your dog. If they can fit the whole piece in their mouth, you should take it away. Use your best judgment depending on how strong of a chewer your dog is.