Trial Supplement Packs for Dogs

You probably spend a lot of time with your dog: she’s your trusty companion on your morning run, waking you up at the crack of dawn and motivating you to go faster. In the evening, she happily curls up on the couch next to you (and doesn’t judge you binge-watching your favorite show when you should be raking the leaves or doing laundry).

Lately, you feel like something’s changed in your dog’s behavior–yet you’re not quite sure exactly what. Maybe you’ve noticed lately that your dog just isn’t quite as active and mobile as she was a year or two ago. When you take her on your daily walk to the park, does it seems as if she’s lost that spring in her step? (Or maybe you’re concerned because she’s lost interest in chasing squirrels…)

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Try Our Trial Packs

Enter our Elk Velvet Supplement Trial Packs to the rescue. It’s a no-commitment way to test if science-based, all-natural supplementation can help your beloved pet with issues of mobility, flexibility, stamina and strength.

Our trial packs are the perfect solution when you think your pet might need supplementation. You’re naturally wondering if our Elk Velvet Antler Supplements could really work for your pet. At Wapiti Labs,  we want you to feel the utmost confidence about your purchase–which is why we offer no-commitment trial supplement packs for dogs. The packs come in formulas tailored to small to medium dogs or large dogs, as well as senior dogs and younger dogs still in the first stage of life.

We’ve created our trial packs to give you exactly the number of doses you need to decide whether our Elk Velvet Antler Supplements work for your dog. For small to medium dogs, our trial packs come with seven tablets. For large dogs, our trial pack includes 12 tablets.

The Magic of Elk Velvet Antler

Our Elk Velvet Antler supplements aren’t actually magic–but they sometimes work that way, providing an all-natural solution to health issues that would otherwise require medical intervention.

From the serene Minnesota prairie lands where our elk are free to graze, to the cutting-edge laboratories where we develop our supplements, Wapiti Labs draws upon the power of nature as well as science-based research to create our natural pet supplements. We are proud to draw upon the research and the wisdom of both Western and Eastern medicine, which is why veterinarians from both traditions endorse our products.

Through a proprietary extraction process, we produce supplements drawing upon the tremendous medicinal properties of Elk Velvet Antler, enhanced by select Chinese herbs proven to have anti-inflammatory, healing and longevity-promoting effects.

Better Mobility for Better Quality of Life

Does it surprise you to learn that mobility is one of the top health issues facing senior dogs, as well as quite a few younger dogs still in the first stage of life, whose mobility may be impacted by a variety of non-age related factors?

That’s why our trial packs are focused on mobility. Elk Velvet Antler helps support joint flexibility and mobility for dogs in both the first and second stage of life, as well as helping to  maintain proper body functions. Mobility, flexibility and healthy internal organs are all crucial items on your dog’s health checklist, essential for maintaining a good quality of life throughout her lifespan.