Elk Antler Chews for Dogs

Do you have the kind of dog who loves to chew on anything? And, if your dog is like our dogs, her preferences are very specific. Maybe she likes a very soft chew–or maybe she refuses to touch anything but the toughest toy or chew.

If chewing is one of your dog’s favorite activities (maybe second to barking at the mail carrier or catching food from under the dinner table) then it sounds like she needs an introduction to our Elk Antler Chew for Dogs. Of course, these chews aren’t just for fun (although pups love them).

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A Chew for Every Dog

Our chews are not one-size-fits-all–far from it! We understand that every dog is a unique creature with their own habits and tastes, which is why we’ve created our chews in a range of textures and sizes. Do you have a little Bichon Frise who prefers chewing on soft toys? Why not try our Elk Antler Chew in a 4-inch split, or our Elk Antler Buttons (also perfect for holiday stocking stuffers).

Or maybe your big golden Labrador craves a hard chew–why not try our 8-inch whole Elk Antler Chew?

Is Your Dog New to Chews?

We’ve designed our splits–Elk Antlers chews that are split down the middle, offering easy access to the softer marrow in the middle–for dogs who are new to chews, Elk Antler, or both! These chews are also ideal for dogs that simply prefer a softer chew.