How to Travel with Your Pets for the Holidays

The holidays will be here before you know it, bringing a flurry of activities. There are meals to be cooked, presents to be purchased, and probably travel plans to be made. We’ve come up with some pet friendly travel tips so you and your pet can have a more enjoyable experience while traveling for the holidays.

Check in with Your Vet

If you’re searching for the secrets to how to travel with your pet, you should start with your vet. If you’re traveling with a young puppy or kitten, or if your pet has never been on a long car ride before, it’s worth placing a phone call to your vet, and maybe even making a trip into his or her office to make sure your pet is okay to travel. You can pick up some great tips from your vet, who knows your pet’s individual quirks and health needs. The vet may suggest a mild sedative for an anxious cat who’s going to be in the car for hours, for example.

Ease Car Anxiety by Making Car Rides Fun

Are you absolutely dreading making the drive to see your in-laws, knowing your dog is going to bark the whole way there? Does your cat cry any time you put him in the car? Set aside some time before your road trip to show your pet that car rides aren’t scary.

If you only ever stick your dog or cat in the car to go to the vet, it’s no wonder that she isn’t excited to jump in. Show your pet that a car ride can mean a fun destination, whether that’s a dog park or a pet-friendly bakery. Start by letting your pet explore your car and get comfortable just being in it. This step should include lots of treats and praise! Then, begin taking short drives to fun places with your pet safely and properly secured. Once your dog or cat is accustomed to being in the car, your holiday drives should go a lot smoother.


Make Your Pet Comfortable on Longer Drives

Pets need to be protected while traveling in cars, just like people. If your dog or cat will be in a crate or pet carrier for the ride, ensure that it’s properly secured–you don’t want your pet sliding around in the backseat while you’re driving! If your dog or cat isn’t going to be in a crate, invest in a specially-made seat belt that will keep her safe. Seat belts are preferable in some cases; they can allow dogs a better view of what’s happening inside and outside the car

Make Frequent Stops

You’re probably familiar with how often your dog needs to go to the bathroom while at home, but things can change in a car. It’s better to be on the safe side and stop more often, particularly if riding in the car makes your dog nervous. The last thing you want is an accident in the backseat halfway through your trip! And when it comes to cats, you’ll have to figure out what works best for your own felines. Maybe she’s perfectly content to go to the bathroom while on a harness outside of the car. Or she might need you to set up her litter box so she can go properly. Either way, pay careful attention to your pet’s bathroom habits while on the road. If anything seems amiss or irregular, you may want to give your vet a call.  

Bring Snacks

You’re doing the hard work of driving, so you’ll probably want to bring a granola bar or other snacks to keep your energy up on the road. But don’t forget about your canine companion or your feline! They get hungry and thirsty too, and it’s important to make sure they have enough access to food and water. Be sure to offer water every time you stop, and try to feed your pets at the usual time while on the road. This will routine will help your pet stay healthy and make your travel a success.

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