Testimonial Tuesday

Cat Chest

We would like to take the time recognize our customers pets on Testimonial Tuesday!! Does your cat or dog take any of our Wapiti Labs Supplements? We love to share their photos, story and honor them on Testimonial Tuesday! Please submit your pets story to info@wapitilabsinc.com to be considered and to get a Free Wapiti Labs Goodie Bag!

We would like to Thank Michelle for submitting her Testimonial and photos of her Cat who she put on our Chest Herbal Formula for Respiratory, Lungs and Breathing support.

“I got my very healthy kitten neutered at 5 months old. Because he has a flat face, I requested no other things done to him at that time, these cats are high risk with anesthesia. They gave him a triple shot of a vaccine and a rabies shot at that visit against my wishes. He was never the same after that. Seriously congested, brown goo oozing out of his eyes, appetite poor, stopped purring. They said it was herpes virus and there was nothing I could do but Lysine, which doesn’t do much for cats. A month ago he was choking it was so bad. I took him to the vet again and they again said, herpes, said nothing I could do.

I found your product, reviews were great, so I thought why not? I gave him a half dose the day it arrived, honestly not expecting much. He always comes and sleeps across my neck in the middle of the night. He did Thursday night just like always.. I was half asleep as usual, but something woke me. Took me a minute to realize I was hearing and feeling my cat purr for the first time in almost a year. There are no words to describe my absolute joy. His chest has cleared up, his eyes are bright and mischievous again instead of sick and sad.. He’s playful and happy!! God bless you and your products!”

Have you tried our Cat Chest on your Cat? Give it a try and get FREE Shipping by using the coupon code: TestimionialTuesday at https://www.wapitilabsinc.com/product/chest or call us at 651-237-4051 to place your order!

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