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The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)

What is the NASC and why is it important to see their label on the supplements you feed your pets?

What Is the NASC? Wapiti Labs isn’t just dedicated to providing the highest quality elk velvet antler, but we’re dedicated to providing the best overall animal supplements to all animals. We believe that our supplements are the best for your animal through all stages of life and so does the National Animal Supplement Council. Stamped… Read more »

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Dog Nutrition for Senior Pets

Feeding the proper diet and using all natural supplements are the best way to keep your senior pets happy and healthy.
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Dog Nutrition for Senior Pets Dogs are living to a much older age than they did 30 years ago. There are many key factors contributing to this including making better choices for our pets and veterinary care, but one of the most important factors is better nutrition. When a beloved pet ages their dietary needs change… Read more »

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The Safety and Effectiveness of Herbal Supplements for Pets

Wapiti Labs is proud to supply the best elk velvet antler for pets.
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There is a reason they call a dog man’s best friend: they are incredibly loyal, caring animals who are always there for you whether you need them or not. And as any good owner knows, their dog is more than a daily chore—they are a member of your family who you should care for as… Read more »

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