It is FELINE FRIDAY! We would like to take the time recognize our Feline Friends!

We are looking for our Wapiti Feline Friends! Please submit your cats story/testimonial and a photo to info@wapitilabsinc.com to be considered!

Aging can be a tough process for pets. Just like humans, cats have to learn to slow down as their bodies age with occasional aches and discomfort. At Wapiti Labs, we offer supplements our all of our Feline friends! Our Vital and ReVitalize for Cats supports, hips, joints, immune system and promotes cartilage development and enhances renal and liver function. Our number one selling cat product is our Cat Chest that supports, Respiratory, Lungs, and Breathing. Our liquid tincture line, includes GI Tract, Recuperate, Strength and Chest for Cats.

“I want to thank you for making the Respiratory Function for Cats—-my Niko is doing so much better for the first time in his 14 months!” – Marion


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