6 Christmas Presents Your Cat Will Love

If you find yourself Googling “What to get a cat for Christmas” as the holidays approach, you’re not alone. It can be extremely difficult to choose gifts that are fitting for your feline. After all, it’s not as if your cat can give you her Christmas wish list! That’s where we come in. Here are a few snazzy Christmas presents for cats, so your companion can be included in chaotic unwrapping of gifts on Christmas Day.

A New Perch

Do you frequently find your cat scaling your fridge or bookshelves? Are you tired of claw marks in your couch? Give him the gift of his own little kingdom with a complex cat perch. Between your local pet store and the Internet, there’s an endless assortment available, so you can pick something that your cat will love. If you’re not quite sure what your cat would like, observing your feline’s usual behavior can help you figure out how exactly you’d like to customize the perch. Maybe a scratching post or a little cave to hide in is in order!

A Deshedding Brush

Most people know that dogs need to be groomed regularly. Cats might seem like they have their own grooming needs handled, but they need help, too. Invest in a quality brush and help your cat groom herself one or two times a week. Not only will regular grooming help to remove grease and dead hair from her coat; it can improve blood circulation and benefit the overall condition of her skin.

Wapiti Supplements

If you’re planning to travel with your cat for the holidays, you might be bracing yourself to clean up a mess in the car. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can help make holiday travel much easier by supporting your cat’s digestion and bowel health with Wapiti Labs’ G.I. Tract Herbal Supplement. The natural herbal supplement draws a traditional Eastern Medicine formula to harmonize your cat’s stomach. So the next time you’re dreading a carsick cat, try G.I. to reduce stomach discomfort and help your companion have a much smoother ride.

A Laser Pointer

Forget the scratched, chewed up old toys and step into the future of cat entertainment by gifting your furry friend a laser pointer. This affordable toy will provide you with just as much entertainment as your cat as you direct it over the floor. The best part? You can help your feline stay active from the comfort of your chair. Simply direct the pointer near him so he catches a glimpse, then point it across the room. Before you know it, he’ll be chasing it all over the place, and you’ll be stocking up on batteries to make sure the thing always stays charged.

A Self-Cleaning Litter Box

No matter how much you love your cat, you probably don’t love cleaning up after her bathroom breaks. Luckily, advancing technology has developed a solution for that stinky problem. Self-cleaning litter boxes work by automatically raking your cat’s waste out of sight after she uses the litter box. From there, you just have to throw out the disposable tray. And if that’s not enough technology for you, some models can even provide you with health data on your cat’s bathroom habits!  

A Festive Collar

If your cat tends to sneak up on you in the house, make sure you can hear her coming by decking her out with a jingly collar. Hopefully, the gentle tinkle of a bell will alert you to her presence before she leaps onto your head from above. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your cat likes the sound as much as you do. If she seems uncomfortable with the ringing every time she makes a move, you may want to switch out the bell collar for a colorful (and silent) Christmas-themed one. Either option will have your cat looking snazzy for your Christmas card picture!

Support Your Cat Year Round with Wapiti

At Wapiti Labs, we’re here for your cat year round–not just when he’s injured or when the holidays roll around. We know that supporting your cat’s health is a demanding job, one that needs to begin long before he starts showing signs of sickness or aging. Our natural herbal supplements are specially formulated to stimulate and support key parts of your cat’s body. From joint function to liver health, we offer a wide range of supplements that can keep your cat feeling good for years to come.  

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