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Everything You Need to Know About Dog Vaccinations

Dog at the vet

Vaccinations are an excellent tool that owners can use to prevent dangerous illnesses that affect their pets. Dogs that aren’t vaccinated are highly susceptible to a host of serious afflictions, including canine parvovirus, distemper, rabies and canine hepatitis. That’s why it’s so critical for dog owners to understand what vaccinations are and which ones will… Read more »

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10 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable for a Senior Pet

Old Dog

Taking care of an older pet can be incredibly challenging. Special accommodations need to be made to ensure that they can eat, drink, sleep, exercise, and use the bathroom safely and easily. At Wapiti Labs, we understand the unique needs and habits of geriatric dogs and cats. That’s why we assembled this list of 10… Read more »

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5 Myths of Cat Allergies

If you live with a cat, you know that the shedding and excess hair on your furniture is one of the things you learn to love when you have a cat. While the shedding may not bother you, it may be a hassle when a friend or family member comes for a visit and complains… Read more »

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A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet


Order Online Support your pets Joints, Mobility, Hips, Liver, Kidneys, Immune System and Overall Health with Wapiti Labs Supplements.  Place your order online today and receive FREE SHIPPING at Use FREE shipping code: GLOBAL2017 Wholesale Customers Stop by Wapiti Labs Booth #404 at The Global Pet Expo to learn more about our products and… Read more »

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Dog Health 101: Identifying Intestinal Worms & Heartworm

If your dog has suddenly lost interest in eating, seems mopey, or doesn’t want to go for a walk or play, it’s difficult to know what’s up. Wouldn’t it be great if our four-legged friends could communicate with us and say, “I’m angry that you left for the day” or “My gut aches”? Unfortunately, their… Read more »

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8 Foods Your Dog Should NEVER Eat


Any dog owner can attest that it can be difficult to say “no” to those big brown eyes as they peer up into your lap as you eat dinner or when you watch a movie with a bowl of snacks. Dogs are social animals, and research suggests that begging for human kibble is their way… Read more »

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Building a Healthy Immune System in Your Pet

If you’re even slightly health-conscious, you’re probably well aware of the importance of having a healthy immune system. Yet how often have you thought about your pet’s immune system? Just like humans, dogs and cats are at risk for colds and other illnesses that occur when their immune systems are run down. One of the… Read more »

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8 Myths of Pet Allergies

Do your eyes water and does your throat itch? Do you start to sneeze as soon as a cat or dog enters a room? If furry animals cause an allergic reaction in you, you’re not alone. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reports that an estimated 15% of the U.S. population is allergic… Read more »

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What You Need to Know About Heartworms

Each time you visit the vet with your pet, you may notice a photo or diagram of an advanced case of heartworm disease displayed in the exam room. These displays are as common as heartworm itself, and meant to alert dog owners about prevention strategies and the warning signs of heartworm. If you have a… Read more »

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