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December Specials!

Yappy Howlidays from your friends at Wapiti Labs!! SPOIL your PUP this Holiday season with one of our HOWLIDAY gifts! Place your order during the month of December and get FREE SHIPPING on any of our HOLIDAY Antler Chews or our HOWLIDAY Gift Stockings for your pup! Place your order by Sunday December 15th to receive… Read more »

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How to Make Deer Antler Dog Chews

If you’re a proud puppy parent or even just a dog-lover who has seen “Marley and Me” one too many times, it’s easy to close your eyes and imagine every owner’s worst nightmare: you come home from a long day of work or a much-needed date night to utter chaos. Upon opening the front door,… Read more »

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Black Friday – Cyber Monday Specials

Limited Time Special!!

  Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Wapiti Labs! Shop online Black Friday thru Cyber Monday and RECEIVE a FREE 4″ Antler Chew with purchase of $30 or more! Plus FREE Shipping!! Don’t forget your favorite 4 legged friend this Holiday Season!!! Check out these great gift ideas below! Place your order of $30+ and… Read more »

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4 Perfect Toys for Large Dogs

If you’re the proud parent of a large dog, you’ve probably struggled to find toys that can withstand her tough chewing sessions. Large and giant canine breeds have incredibly powerful jaws, allowing them to chomp through hard foods—and even bones—with ease. As you can imagine, most dog toys aren’t durable enough to handle that amount… Read more »

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5 Surprising Facts About Elk Antlers

Golden retriever running in a field

Elk (also known as wapiti) are one of the largest mammals in North America and Eastern Asia. As sociable and gentle herbivores, elk typically live near forest habitats in herds, feeding on grass, plants and leaves. The males (bulls) of this majestic species bear large antlers that they use to defend themselves and participate in… Read more »

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What Your Big Breed Dog Should Be Chewing On and Why

Black lab chewing on Split Elk Antler Chew

Dogs have a penchant for chewing. And while it might seem like a troubling and destructive habit at first glance, chewing is actually a perfectly natural, healthy behavior that plays a major role in cleaning a canine’s teeth and managing boredom. That’s why it’s very important to provide your pup with stimulating and safe objects… Read more »

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A Breakdown of Ingredients Commonly Found in Our Products

wapiti products

Wapiti Labs uses only the finest ingredients to support the well-being of the cats, dogs and humans we serve. Each of our supplements contains a unique combination of natural herbs, roots, and seeds to promote optimal health and maintain proper body functions. So whether you need to support your stamina and blood circulation, reduce stomach… Read more »

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