August Featured Retailer

Congratulations to The Pet Store (Federated Co-op) in Chisago, MN! They are Wapiti Labs’ Featured Retailer for August!

The Pet Store carries a full range of dog and cat food, toys, treats, bedding, and supplies.  They also have a full line of bird, rabbit, rodent, and fish supplies!  Looking for a new pet?  The Pet Store (Federated Co-Op) also has animals ready to adopt – cats and kittens, fish, birds, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, lizards, snakes, turtles and more!

Federated Co-op deals in propane, agronomy, lumber, pet, and farm/ranch supplies.  Their staff are passionate about what they do and knowledgeable about what they sell. The Pet Store in Chisago, MN has been in business since 2010 and promises to be around for years to come.  They also have an experienced groomer on staff (30 years of experience!) to help your pet look and feel their best.  Call 651-257-6320 today for great grooming prices or to inquire about products or pet care!

Thank you, The Pet Store (Federated Co-op) for supplying your customers with Wapiti Labs products and healthy options for pets! Congratulations on being named Wapiti Labs’ Featured Retailer of the Month!

Federated Co-Ops
10575 Wyoming Ave
Chisago, MN 55013



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