4 Cold Weather Tips for Cats

Depending on your area of the country, your winter weather might range from pleasantly cool to downright freezing. Imagine how much those temperature changes can affect a cat that can’t just pull on a fluffy jacket or take a hot shower to warm up! What’s a cat owner to do in the face of oncoming blizzards and freezing rain? Don’t worry! We’ve come up with some choice tips for keeping your feline friend healthy during the cold months.

1. Check Heat Sources Regularly

Although your indoor cat won’t have to deal with the frigid temperatures outside, she may still get a little chilly indoors and seek out heat sources to cuddle up against. That might sound cute, but it can present a problem if you have a searing radiator, exposed pipe running boiling water, an open fireplace, or a candle burning in your home. Even the most well-behaved cat can accidentally brush up against something too hot for comfort! The last thing you want is for your cat to singe her fur or knock over a blazing candle, so be sure to monitor any open flames and heated areas in order to keep your feline friend safe and sound.

2. Guard Against Toxic Materials

Be wary of substances that could be dangerous to pets, particularly if you have an outdoor cat that you can’t always monitor closely. Antifreeze, used in cars during the winter, is extremely toxic for animals–and its sweet taste can actually make animals want to drink it. Even a teaspoon of the liquid can be enough to cause severe kidney damage and even kill a cat, so be sure to soak up and wash away any puddles you notice in your garage or in areas that your cat might visit. If you have reason to believe your cat may have ingested antifreeze, seek immediate emergency treatment from a vet.  

Rock salt, used to melt ice on sidewalks and roads, is another possible danger to pets. The potential damage is twofold here: ingesting the substance can cause vomiting and seizures in cats, and walking on it can irritate their paws and skin. Store any extra rock salt where your cat can’t get to it, and do your best to keep him away from the stuff where it’s used outside. At the very least, you can wipe down his limbs and belly when he comes inside to minimize the risk of him licking it off his paws or further skin irritation.

3. Ease Joint Pain

Have you felt old aches and pains worsen as the temperature drops? Humans aren’t the only ones dealing with arthritis, muscle pain, and inflammation. Your cat could be feeling the same achiness as things cool off, and you might notice him moving around more slowly or with more stiffness than normal.

Wapiti Labs’ natural supplements can help your cat stay in peak physical condition even as the weather gets colder. Strength encourages circulation and can restore warmth and support normal recovery time in cats that seem weak or are slowing down. Vital is a wonderful choice for supporting joint flexibility and mobility in cats affected by cold, damp weather. We’ve also created a special blend, Revitalize, specifically for older cats in the second stage of life. You know your kitty best, so keep a close watch on his behavior as temperatures drop to help figure out how to keep him at his best. Just be sure to consult your vet before starting your pet on any new supplement regimen!

4. Keep Track of Your Cat

You never know when your kitty might decide to sneak out through a cracked window or open door, so it’s best to be prepared in case she gets lost. This goes for both indoor and outdoor cats! Maybe your outdoor cat sticks close to home, or you’ve vowed to never let your indoor kitty go outside. But that choice might not be up to you. Accidents happen, particularly during the busy holiday season, and you might find your cat has been spooked or somehow wandered away from home. Bad weather can make it more difficult or even impossible for your cat to find her way back, and low temperatures can make the situation dangerous. A high-quality collar with identification tags can help her stand out outdoors and increases the chances of someone finding her and contacting you. You may also want to look into getting your cat microchipped if you haven’t already.

Get Ready for Winter with Wapiti

If you’re wondering how to keep your cat healthy, you’re in good company. A lot of people worry about the same thing! Caring for a living creature is a tough job–particularly when the dreary weather is bringing you down–but we’re here to help you keep your kitty in tiptop shape no matter the season. Wapiti Labs’ supplements are specially formulated with ingredients like traditional herbs and elk velvet antler to maintain your pet’s health and keep him going strong for years to come.

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