10 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable for a Senior Pet

Old Dog

Taking care of an older pet can be incredibly challenging. Special accommodations need to be made to ensure that they can eat, drink, sleep, exercise, and use the bathroom safely and easily. At Wapiti Labs, we understand the unique needs and habits of geriatric dogs and cats. That’s why we assembled this list of 10… Read more »

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The Benefits of Ginseng as a Supplement

Types of pets

There are thousands of pet supplement products on the market, and many of them contain a unique assortment of different herbs, fruits and other beneficial ingredients. As a result, when you’re seeking supplements to maintain the health and well-being of your furry friends, it’s incredibly easy to become overwhelmed by your ever-growing list of options…. Read more »

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July Featured Retailer

Moose Lake Coop/International Falls Farm & Garden

CONGRATULATIONS to Wapiti’s FEATURED RETAILER for July: Moose Lake Coop/International Falls Farm & Garden! This hometown cooperative boasts a variety of food and supplies for everything from chickens to horses (and everything in between)!  Check out their selection of dog and cat products, along with their high-quality healthy options for pets – including Wapiti’s premium-grade… Read more »

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How to Protect Your Dog’s Feet

Our canine companions have incredibly tough paw pads that protect their feet while they run, jump, prance and play fight. However, these resilient groups of tissue are far from invincible, especially now that they need to navigate over many rough, human-made surfaces, including concrete, metal and gravel. Dogs with cut, frostbitten or burnt paws are… Read more »

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3 Ways to Help Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

Puppy laying in the grass

Many people believe that dogs have iron stomachs. After all, they seem to effortlessly consume and process some of the toughest and most unsanitary materials around, including clumps of grass, wood, raw meat and bones. However, despite the apparent hardiness of their digestive tracts, canines are just as susceptible to gas buildup, vomiting and stomach… Read more »

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Supplements to Help Your Cat After a Surgery

Cat in a field

Is your cat feeling weak, sluggish or uncomfortable after a recent surgical operation? Any form of surgery can put an incredible amount of strain on your feline’s physical and emotional well-being. Consequently, it’s critically important to give all of the support and care you can to help them heal and feel well again. Here at… Read more »

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4 Things That Happen as Your Dog Ages

Golden retriever running in a field

As our canine companions reach their later years, their bodies and patterns of behavior begin to change. For example, dogs that used to effortlessly sprint around the house during play sessions may slow down due to the adverse effects of aging, including fatigue, vision problems or joint damage. In order to provide optimal care and… Read more »

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June Featured Retailer

Pet Evolution

Congratulations to Pet Evolution in Woodbury, Minnesota we would like to recognize you as Wapiti’s Featured Retailer for the month of June! Pet Evolution has continuously supported the needs of their customers’ pets by keeping their team members well informed on pet nutrition, health, and well-being. They are completely dedicated to your pet’s happiness, and… Read more »

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What Your Cat’s Eyes Say About Their Health

Before we domesticated our favorite feline friends, they learned to hide their pain, discomfort and weakness in order to avoid falling prey to other predators. Domestic cats still exhibit this behavior, making it incredibly difficult to assess their well-being and help them before their afflictions worsen or cause permanent damage. At Wapiti Labs, it’s our… Read more »

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