A Day in the Life of a Senior Dog

king charles dog

The bringer of the packages is back again. While I fear that he may be plotting my doom and that of my favorite human, I can’t find the energy to conjure the show of force that I used to employ in my youth to ward off this fiend. I lay here on my orthopedic bed… Read more »

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The Grooming Shop in North Branch

CONGRATULATIONS to Wapiti’s FEATURED RETAILER for March: The Grooming Shop in North Branch Krista at The Grooming Shop in North Branch, MN has recently brought the Wapiti Labs supplements into her grooming shop! Krista prides herself on providing a comfortable, low-stress environment for your dog or cat. She will also be able to assist you… Read more »

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Why Do Dogs and Cats Eat Grass?

dog in grass

Dogs and cats do some strange things that we don’t always understand. Ever notice that your dog will eat just about anything they can get their paws on? They’ll raid your shoe closet or the cat’s litter box just like you’ll raid the fridge for a late-night snack. It’s safe to say that pets are… Read more »

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Understanding Renal Function in Dogs

golden retriever

As a responsible pet parent, you’re always looking for ways to support your dog’s physical and mental health. And one of the most important aspects of your pup’s well-being is proper renal function. After all, your canine’s kidneys play a pivotal role in forming and excreting urine and regulating fluids and electrolytes. In other words,… Read more »

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4 Tricks to Keep Your Cat in Great Shape

Cat laying in a green field

A cat is one of the most independent pets you could ask for. Not only do our cute feline friends groom themselves, but they’re also equipped with the tools they need to hunt for food! (Not that they’d ever have to, considering how many tasty treats we shower them in.) But in spite of her… Read more »

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Senior Dog Sunday – Oscar

Never to Old to be Loved!!

We would like to take the time recognize our Senior Pups on Senior Dog Sunday!! Does your Senior Pup take Mobility or Senior Mobility Supplements? We would love to share their photo, story and honor them as a Senior Dog Sunday Pup!! Please submit your pups story to info@wapitilabsinc.com to be considered! Aging can be a tough process… Read more »

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Do Dogs Really Have Iron Stomachs?

french bulldog

“My dog ate something she shouldn’t have.” That’s a sentence almost every dog guardian can relate to. Our canine friends lick, chew and eat things that an average human wouldn’t touch with rubber gloves. When many pet parents see their dogs gnashing down raw meat, old grass clippings and abandoned honeycombs, they assume that their… Read more »

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February Featured Retailer

Peterson's North Branch Mill

CONGRATULATIONS to Wapiti’s FEATURED RETAILER for February: Peterson’s North Branch Mill Peterson’s Mill in North Branch is now proudly carrying Wapiti Labs products for happy, healthy pets! The original “Mill” dates back to its beginnings in 1897. It was started as a rye flour mill that was steam powered producing it’s own brand of flour… Read more »

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5 Unique Toys Your Dog Will Adore

Dog swimming in the lake

Throwing a toy around with your pup is an absolute blast and a great bonding opportunity. More importantly, regular play sessions keep your canine’s mind and body in top form, fostering optimal health and happiness. But if you’re anything like the average pet parent, standard toys start to lose their appeal over time. You can… Read more »

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