3 Completely Natural Dog Health Supplements

Golden retriever puppies

Dog health supplements are incredibly beneficial tools for maintaining the strength, endurance, and flexibility of our favorite four-legged companion animals. Some blends can even help to reduce joint pain, stomach discomfort, and the effects of cold weather. However, bear in mind that many pet supplement providers use synthetic ingredients (substances formulated by chemical processes) in… Read more »

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Diets for Dogs With Cancer

Dogs with cancer are susceptible to a variety of harmful symptoms, including loss of stamina, persistent lameness or stiffness, difficulty breathing, and loss of appetite. To combat these conditions and help your dog recover, you’ll need to supply a diet that’s specifically designed to counteract the effects of cancer. At Wapiti Labs, we fully understand… Read more »

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Guide to Helping a Sick Cat: Treatment and Supplements

Cat laying in a field

Caring for a sick pet can be incredibly stressful, especially if you can’t figure out what they’re suffering from. For less severe health issues like general slowness and weakness, you can rely on pet supplements to ease your cat’s discomfort and ensure a speedy recovery. Wapiti Labs offers herbal formulas that support normal recovery time… Read more »

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Everything You Need to Know About Dog Vaccinations

Dog at the vet

Vaccinations are an excellent tool that owners can use to prevent dangerous illnesses that affect their pets. Dogs that aren’t vaccinated are highly susceptible to a host of serious afflictions, including canine parvovirus, distemper, rabies and canine hepatitis. That’s why it’s so critical for dog owners to understand what vaccinations are and which ones will… Read more »

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Why Won’t My Dog Drink Water?

Dog laying on the carpet

Dehydration is a dangerous condition for humans and canines alike. That’s because water is such a critical component of several core body processes, including digestion, blood circulation, and waste removal. As a dog owner, there are few things more concerning than when your dog refuses to drink water, particularly if it’s been more than a… Read more »

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A Breakdown of Ingredients Commonly Found in Our Products

wapiti products

Wapiti Labs uses only the finest ingredients to support the well-being of the cats, dogs and humans we serve. Each of our supplements contains a unique combination of natural herbs, roots, and seeds to promote optimal health and maintain proper body functions. So whether you need to support your stamina and blood circulation, reduce stomach… Read more »

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Why Your Dog Needs to Chew

Black lab chewing on Split Elk Antler Chew

All dogs have an innate desire to chew. Whether it’s an old rope, a squeaky toy or your favorite pair of old sneakers, odds are good that your canine has a few items around the house that they can’t resist chomping on. And despite what you may have heard about this potentially destructive behavior, chewing… Read more »

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10 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable for a Senior Pet

Old Dog

Taking care of an older pet can be incredibly challenging. Special accommodations need to be made to ensure that they can eat, drink, sleep, exercise, and use the bathroom safely and easily. At Wapiti Labs, we understand the unique needs and habits of geriatric dogs and cats. That’s why we assembled this list of 10… Read more »

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The Benefits of Ginseng as a Supplement

Types of pets

There are thousands of pet supplement products on the market, and many of them contain a unique assortment of different herbs, fruits and other beneficial ingredients. As a result, when you’re seeking supplements to maintain the health and well-being of your furry friends, it’s incredibly easy to become overwhelmed by your ever-growing list of options…. Read more »

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