4 Natural Remedies for Mobility

Dog running in dandelions

Watching your dog lose his mobility can be heartbreaking. Suddenly, your formerly active four-legged friend is unable to run, play, climb stairs or otherwise act like the dog you used to know. For dogs, just like for people, mobility is a key factor in a happy, healthy life. Fortunately, there are many easy and effective… Read more »

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Pet Independent Innovation Award Winner

Cat Chest Herbal Formula has been selected as winner of the Cat Vitamin/Supplement Product of the Year award!

Thank you for your patience as we have completed the evaluations and judging phase of the 2021 Independent Pet Innovation Award program. Each year we have grown not just in the volume of award nominations, but in the quality of submissions – we had award nominations come in from the best and brightest Pet companies all over… Read more »

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FREE Shipping on Cat Products for the Month of September!

Keep your Feline Happy and Healthy this Fall with Wapiti Labs Supplements! Get FREE Shipping on all Cat products with the Coupon code: Cat

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Superzoo 2021

Unfortunately, we were not able to attend SuperZoo this year, but we are offering SPECIALS! Place your order by August 27th and receive 15% OFF and FREE shipping on all orders of $250+! Contact us at 651-237-4051 or place your order via email at orders@wapitilabsinc.com.

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Muscle and Strength Supplement for Dogs

There are a lot of reasons you might wonder what you can feed your dog to gain muscle. There are also many options on the market claiming to help your dog bulk up and gain muscle or strength.  Just like in the market for human supplements, there are as many potentially bad options as there… Read more »

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Why Is My Cat Fat?

Every cat owner knows that there’s nothing better than a kitty curled up and purring on your lap. Sometimes all our extra love causes extra weight if we show our affection with treats. You might be wondering: what is overweight for a cat? A cat is overweight at 10% above its ideal weight and obese… Read more »

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Five Best Supplements for Homemade Dog Food

Dog owners spend a lot of time thinking about how to best care for their beloved companion, and perhaps no other topics get more attention than those related to your dog’s diet. Is the commercially prepared dog food you’re feeding your dog really providing the best possible nutrition without added fillers? Would my dog benefit… Read more »

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Testimonial Tuesdays – Mobility

We love sharing on Testimonial Tuesday! Get FREE shipping during the month of March on our Mobility with Elk Velvet Antler at www.waptilabsinc.com Coupon code: mobility  

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