Why Elk?

Elk Velvet Antler (EVA) is a renewable, all-natural dietary supplement that has been used as a primary health tonic and treatment for humans in Eastern Medicine for over 2,000 years. It’s consumed today by millions of people and domestic animals to promote strength, stamina and energy while supporting the immune system to restore and maintain good health.

Why our formulas are different

EVA alone is rich in vital components - that work synergistically in our formulas. NO shark cartilage, dead shellfish, bovine trachea or lamb liver are used in our formulas like you may find in other products. EVA is an adaptogen that is easily and quickly absorbed into the body. Our concentrated products require only one dose per day and work in 5-10 days. NO long load times and a lower cost per dose!

Guaranteed quality

We can guarantee the quality of the Elk Velvet Antler used in our products because it comes from our own registered and monitored source, Wolf Creek Elk Ranch. Each year, antler is humanely and responsibly harvested at the time of highest biological activity – the velvet growth stage. In a natural growing environment with proper nutrition and veterinary care, the elk regrow their antlers every year. To preserve nutrient content of the Elk Velvet Antler, we use a proprietary, heat-free extraction and manufacturing process that produces a concentrated, nutrient-dense powder or liquid formula.

The result is natural, pure supplements that have shown countless positive results with no known side effects.

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