• Dog Supplement Trial Packs

    Our elk velvet antler supplements support flexibility and mobility in dogs of all ages. Our products require only once-a-day dosing, making these trial packs an inexpensive way to see the benefits of elk velvet antler for yourself.

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  • Pet Supplements

    Our all-natural pet supplements are concentrated formulas made in the U.S.A. using no synthetic ingredients and completely natural processing, making them the purest and most effective you can find.

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  • Dog Supplements

    Our supplements are prepared with elk velvet antler and formulated to naturally support your dog's health. Our products require only once-a-day dosing - no long load times

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  • Cat Supplements

    Naturally support your cat's health with our supplements, formulated with authentic elk velvet antler and containing NO synthetic ingredients.

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  • Hard Antler Chews

    Our antler chews promote healthy teeth and gums and typically last longer than rawhide. Our antler chews are naturally shed from ranch-raised elk.

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  • Human Supplements

    Our elk velvet antler supplements are all-natural and FDA-approved to provide joint, energy and overall wellness support for men and women.

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  • Sassi Dog

    Products Preferred by Even the Most Pampered Pet and their Sassi Owners

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